Metrix™ Steel Wool Sheets


Metrix™ Steel Wool Sheets

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The Lustersheen steel wool sanding sheets cut from the Metrix™ composite are ideally suited for many polishing applications including those on wood, metal, glass and marble. The Metrix™ composite is suitable under all backer plates energized by power or hand.

A laminated abrasive designed for use on power tools
A layer of steel wool abrasive laminated to a synthetic backing
Hook-and-loop or peel-and-stick adhesive are available locally for attachment of the Metrix™ composite to the backer plate.
Ideal for random orbital, detail and palm sanders
The Lustersheen sheets are suitable for fitting to owner-specific tools and equipment
The needle punched metal wool textiles are stronger and more durable than the conventional steel wool woven web
Metrix™ can be die cut into wheels, pads and other useful shapes for use on hand and power polishing and finishing equipment, such as rotary buffing machines or various sized hand blocks
Composite steel wool pads are for use on higher RPM polishing and buffing machines
Compatible with both hand tools and high speed power hand tools
All grades are 9″ x 11″

Available as both single sheets and 10 and 20 sheet multi-packs.
10 Pack = 3 of 1/0, 3 of 2/0,2 of 4/0 and 2 of 6/0.
20 Pack = 5 of 1/0, 5 of 2/0, 5 of 4/0, and 5 of 6/0
If you want a different assortment of grits with the multi-packs, make a note in the “comments” field of the order form saying which grits you want.

Metrix™ is a trademark of Global Material Technologies.

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